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Keynotes & Sessions

Schedule is subject to change

Keynote Speakers

101 - Matt Miller: The Attention Switch

With advertising, social media, and constant notifications, it's harder than ever to maintain attention -- especially in the classroom. How can we keep student attention, and engage them in meaningful learning? It's all about the Attention Switch in our students' brains. In this session, you'll learn what keeps students connected, and you'll feel inspired to create learning that students will love. This speech features unexpected twists and lots of fun, looking at now-defunct social media platforms, Pinterest fails, YouTube trends, and more. You'll walk away with some practical, concrete steps and ideas for engaging students as well as big-picture ideas that can shape your instruction.

102 - Donalyn Miller: The Joy of Reading
Avid adult readers find reading personally meaningful and enjoyable. While motivation and engagement remain important factors influencing young people’s reading development, prioritizing joyful reading eludes many school communities. Why does reading enjoyment matter? What components foster reading joy? In this session, Donalyn Miller will frame the importance of reading joy and share practical ideas and resources that offer students positive reading experiences.
103 - Dr. Becky Peters: Called To Be
We are called to BE! God calls us to serve Him in a variety of areas. In this presentation we’ll discuss the God who calls us, the dimensions of being one of the called, the where and when of being called, how we are called, and why we are called. Not all Lutheran teachers experience a call in the same way, yet the similarities of being called to Lutheran teaching unite us. Let’s explore God’s call to be!
104 - Matt de la Pena: Reluctant Reader to Author
Matt will talk about his novels a little, but the focus of this presentation is the transformative nature of literature. "I didn’t fall for books until I was in college — I got there on a basketball scholarship — but once I did, it changed my life.” He’ll also talk about the power of education, focusing on the barriers many working class boys and young men encounter in the acquisition of literacy.
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Breakout Sessions

We have secured 20 different speakers on a variety of topics designed to help further your professional devolpment.  Click on the button below to download the PDF listing of Breakout Sessions


Ed Camps are informal, informational sessions led by educators for educators! The focus of an Ed Camp is on collaboration and connections, group expertise and sharing, student learning, instructional design and tech tools. Each Ed Camp will vary according to topic and grade level/leadership audience. Attendees will gain new ideas, perspective, tools, friends, energy and “equipment” for the profession!

Abstract Lights

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