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Early Childhood Resources

The above buttons will link you to Google folders containing several resource options for you on each topic.

The PSD wants to equip you to serve and is happy to make resources available.  We recommend having your board/legal team review any document that you choose to use to ensure it is compliant and appropriate for your needs.

Click on the link above to be directed to the course.

School Ministries has entered into a partnership with Procare Solutions for our ECE Centers and School Age Care.  Procare Solutions is a child care management software used by more than 37,000 child care businesses across the country. Procare gives you the power to manage every aspect of your center or school, regardless of the size and structure of your organization, so that you can focus on what matters the most - the children in your care.


Click on the words above to be directed to the ECE Marketing Campaign

Last spring, we partnered with Professor Carolyn Shiery from Concordia University Irvine to come up with effective marketing materials for our early childhood centers.  She and her team of students have prepared for us a beautiful logo; PSD early childhood brand “Lutheran Preschools:  Growing Minds and Kind Hearts”; marketing materials including a video, brochure, and postcards; and a sample of a future survey that each center can customize for their school at no cost.  Feel free to download and use them as resources for your center. We pray that these resources will be a blessing for your ministry for years to come! 

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