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And when the centurion, who stood facing him, saw that in this way he breathed his last, he said, “Truly this man was the Son of God!” Mark 15:39

In reading Mark’s account of the crucifixion, my attention was drawn to the centurion and his statement, “Truly this Man was the Son of GOD.”

What was it that drew the centurion to this conclusion? Were there different and unique circumstances that caused his attention to be more attuned to the situation? Were the crowds larger? Was the fact that there were so many religious leaders around unique? There were some definitely interesting things happening in the environment what with an earthquake and hours of darkness mid-day. And then this man, hanging on the cross with no hatred or anger at all. In fact only compassion and love. For His mother, for the criminal beside Him and even for those who were responsible for putting Him up on that cross. And then the way He died, almost as if He had chosen the exact minute of death, crying out to God and taking His last breath. Truly He was the Son of GOD.

What did the centurion do with this realization? Did he shake his head and walk away sad because GOD’s Son was dead or did he go to those who loved Him and followed Him and ask questions? This side of heaven there is no way to know.

It begs the question though – what do we do with that knowledge. Does the realization that Jesus was the Son of God just sit with us as head knowledge? Do we often shake our heads and walk away sad because we wonder if God is really there anymore? Or do we see in the eyes of the One who looked down on us, the ones responsible for putting Him on that cross, see in His eyes the love and the compassion there for us – and seek out knowing Him better. Wanting to be personal with the One who loves us more than anyone ever has. Wanting to get to know what motivated Him to give so fully of Himself just so I might be with Him forever? Me – the one responsible for putting Him up there in the first place, He wants to be with me forever!

His love motivates us to want to get to know Him and see all that His great love provides. That is what is shared in our classrooms day in and day out! We have the joy and privilege of teaching our students that Jesus truly IS the Son of God! As our school year winds to an end, continue to find joy in God giving us this privilege!

Holy Spirit open my eyes and the eyes of all of my students, to the wonders of God’s great love manifested in Jesus Christ. Spur our desire to truly see You, to truly know You, to truly know the joy of our salvation day in and day out. We love you Jesus, keep us always seeking to love You more! Amen

Kim Violette, PSD office


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