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seasons of life

Our Heavenly Father was so gracious to us when He created the world slightly tilted so we could enjoy a variety of seasons. Okay, maybe living in Southern California doesn’t give us dramatic changes in seasons, but when you take the time to listen, watch, smell, and feel, you can enjoy the subtle seasonal changes each year.

Think about what seasons bring: temperature change - sunny days/stormy days; plant and color change; clothing change - comfort; activities holidays change. These changes keep us on our toes, bring vitality, and as the saying goes…”Adds a spice to life”. Thank the Lord for seasons!

But as we live our lives and one year builds on another, we begin to truly recognize the seasons of life. These seasons are also created and designed by our great God for us to enjoy more variety of life events.

With that said, where are you in your seasons of life?

You may be a brand new teacher setting up your classroom for the very first time. You might be a new parent figuring out how you will ever be able to juggle teaching your classes and caring for your newborn. Or you may be experiencing a change in your teaching schedule or course work. And then again, you may be contemplating when is the best time to take a new position, call, or even when to retire. Wherever you are, how do you face it?

First off, have you ever noticed that when a new season - in nature - comes, you can often smell it. :) You step outside and take a deep breath. It fills your soul and gets you going. Well, when you face a new season in your life, stop and take a deep breath. (you may need to do this often depending on the season)

Secondly, many of us give thanks for each new season of the calendar as it comes along. That is one thing we should probably do with any season of our lives - Give thanks to the Lord. It doesn’t mean we are happy for each situation we may find ourselves in, but we can be thankful because we know He is God and He is Good! What we experience through all stages shapes and molds us for His plans. “Give thanks to the Lord for He is Good; His mercy endures forever.” Psalm 106:1

Finally, each season in nature has a purpose: spring - new life; summer - full growth; fall - harvest; winter - dormant/rest. Interesting that in every season there are days of storms and calm. In all stages of our lives, we too have storms and calm. In Ecclesiastes 3:1, we are told…” there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

As a new school year begins, take a deep breath, thank the Lord, and live each day to the fullest! God will walk with us each step, and He will use each of us to be a blessing to others.

Jenny Jordan, Christ Lutheran School, Costa Mesa, CA


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