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Get Out of The Boat ...

" 'Come,' He said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus."

-Matthew 14:29

Ever have moments in life where you are finding yourself dwelling on the impossible or letting doubt creep in? Maybe it is focusing on everything that is wrong rather than what is right? Perhaps you fall into the trap of Murphy's law, where anything that can go wrong, does. One of the most notable apostles, Peter, is notorious for his screwups. Things went wrong plenty for him.

Allow me to refresh you on just a couple of them:

  • He frequently misunderstood Jesus' teachings

  • He was full of pride (and let the other disciplines and Jesus know it)

  • He failed on simple instructions (like falling asleep multiple times when Jesus asked him not to)

  • There was the whole denial thing...

  • He doubted and started sinking (after already walking on water towards Jesus)

Peter has the failing thing down pretty good I'd say. So much so that it's very easy to start listing off his epic fails. Despite all of those failures and shortcomings, Peter is still told by Jesus that his confession of Jesus being the Christ is the rock on which the Church will be built (Matthew 16).”One of the most notable failures also comes right after one of the most amazing feats in Peter's life...Peter walks on water with Jesus!

Peter called out to Jesus when He appeared to them while darkness, waves, and wind surrounded the boat full of disciples. The other disciples must have thought Peter was crazy as he heard Jesus’ voice and, because of just that, was confident enough to get out of the boat. Peter got out of the boat when no one else even thought of it. Peter listened and sought out Jesus' voice. Peter walked on water because he fixed his eyes and belief in the Creator (aaaand then he started doubting/sinking)...

All too often we fall into a similar trap. Plenty of failures, that keep snowballing, and, in turn, we keep focusing on them too! We jump out of the boat and start walking only to let doubt and our sinful nature creep in. Getting out of the boat is the first step though. Get out of the boat (Matthew 14), listen to His voice (John 10), and fix your eyes on Him (Hebrews 12).

And when we do start sinking just like Peter, because we undoubtedly out to Him. In Matthew 14 we read the following about Peter, "he cries out, 'Lord, save me!' Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him."

Be bold in getting out of the boat and pursuing Jesus (because even when we fail, He's there with a hand).

Stepping out,

Tim Gast, Principal, Valley Lutheran High School


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