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Find the Peace and Quiet

College graduations, high school graduations, middle school graduations, kindergarten graduations, weddings, baptisms, retirements, etc.… All these things are the norm for this time of the year but each one of them takes time, planning and effort to be there and organize. As educators, sometimes it is difficult to balance all the things that seem to coincide all at once.

At times, I find myself asking, “Where’s the peace and quiet?” I am sure every administrator and teacher can relate to the pressures and demands on our time. Do you find yourself searching for those moments to take time for yourself? Or do you find it impossible to look for solitary time?

I have to admit I have found myself at times searching for peace and looking for a few moments so I can breathe. As I sat down for a few minutes, I remembered even our Lord and Savior had these times of pressure and feelings of being overwhelmed. In the book of Luke, the Gospel writer cites several times “Jesus withdrew to a solitary place.” Just like us, He needed that break, He needed the quiet and alone time with His Father, and so do we.

As the days come to an end on another school year, make sure to take the time to “withdraw”. We cannot do it all ourselves. Even Jesus sought the arms of His Father so He could refuel and re-energize in His everlasting power.

May the Lord be with you all!

Scott R. Dufresne, Executive Director, Victory Christian Academy


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