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Daily Dose 3/20/2020

Each Sunday morning, Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper Inspiring Hearts and Minds. Moving Humanity Forward. is delivered to my personal inbox. Over the last few months, I have found her words to be encouraging, thoughtful and faith-filled, even though I don’t subscribe to all of her viewpoints. But, she does have some good things to say!

Here is her closing paragraph and prayer from this past Sunday’s edition.

“This is a time when “heart-based leadership” is critical and we’re each capable of being those kinds of leaders and healers for each other. It is, I believe, what we need to quiet our anxious hearts and minds. It is the type of leadership that hyper-alert nervous systems respond to well. Leadership that is calm, reassuring, strong and solid. We will get through this global pandemic if we all act responsibly and if we lead with compassion and love. Because the truth is, we really have no other choice.”

“Dear God, please help me see this moment as an opportunity to unite with others, rather than driving them further apart. May we all practice radical compassion, radical empathy, and radical caring during this time of shared humanity and vulnerability. Amen.”

May you be quieted with the love of God

as you serve with heart-based leadership!


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