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Daily Dose 3/18/2020

God has a secure place for His own. It is a refuge and a fortress. When we find ourselves dwelling in this secure place, we know it to be a place of close relationship and trust.  It is from there we find our protection, comfort, care, and come to increasingly know Him as GOD.  A mighty fortress is our GOD! He is our shield – our weapon. He helps with all our needs. The valiant One fights for us! SO we tremble not nor fear any ill, because God is by our side giving good gifts from His Spirit.  Our victory has been won and is secure!  All praise and glory to God! 

So find rest in the shelter of Almighty God and declare for all to hear that He is your refuge, your place of security; He is your God! Trust HIM alone! (read Psalm 91 in its entirety for full assurance in Whom you trust.)


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