Hearts for Jesus

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This year's Hearts for Jesus unified mission project for PSD Schools is World Mission!  

World Mission's mission is Delivering the Word of God in audio format to unreached people groups.  They do this by sending "The Treasure" to these unreached people groups around the world.

What is the treasure

Treasure MP3 Players are our solar-powered audio player. These hard working, compact units are perfect for people who cannot read or who are oral learners, meaning that they learn or process information by spoken rather than literate means.

The messages, (available in over 4,000 languages/dialects), that can be downloaded onto the Treasures range from the full Bible to children’s Bible stories to daily devotionals.

These units, cost effective and smaller than most smart phones, can easily be carried by hand or pocket, or hung by their carrying strap. The Treasure is lightweight and field tested in the most hostile of environments, yet easy-to-use. And the accessories available – earphones, chargers, and solar speakers – make them the complete package.

Each Treasure costs $50 to make, package, and ship.  These treasures reach an estimated 144 people per listening group per year!

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How many Treasures will your school send out? 

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School Resources

Please visit the Hearts for Jesus resource page on World Mission's website.  On this page you will find classroom downloadable resources and tools for all grade levels, preschool through high school.

You will also want to register your school to have passports and tools sent to your school to utilize as you view the video lessons also stored on this page. 


World Missions also has great resources for Middle School and High School students!  These resources are designed to bring this project alive with your older students!  Please click the links for the materials that work with your full student body!