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PSD Gradient

Are you interested in learning more about TEC21?  Here is a recent webinar that shares the blessings and benefits to your school by enrolling a teacher or teachers in TEC21 training.

Registration is now open for 2022-23 Cohorts.  Click here for more information!


We are excited that our partnership with ICLE (International Center for Leadership in Education) to train schools on the Rigor & Relevance Framework has begun!  This fall we begin a three year training process for administrators and curriculum leaders at our schools.  


School Ministries is focused on encouraging our schools to improve student engagement and is deeply committed to ensuring that ALL students are prepared to be successful in today’s complex world. To attain this goal, we have created this partnership with ICLE to intentionally and strategically work with school administrators and curriculum leaders to empower an effective school team.  We will do this by training a common instructional framework that will provide the focus needed to define, develop, and embrace a system-wide culture of high expectations for student achievement that permeates each school and every classroom.

Purpose and Standards

Below please find helpful links such as state Department of Education websites, Common Core State Standards resources, and more.

Arizona Department of Education website

California Department of Education website

Nevada Department of Education website

California Professional Learning System Tool - This is a self-assessment tool

Resource for Technology Framework for Curriculum 

Click here to be directed to the ISTE Technology Standards.  Another good place to look for content are the specific technology certifications (Word, Excel, etc.) and the course- and prep-work for these exams.  While the content is a little “deep” it can be modified for student use at multiple grade levels.

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