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Assessment Resources

Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, the PSD Curriculum & Assessment Task Force recommended the use of either ITBS or NWEA MAP Growth assessments. 

Testing Window - October 28 - November 8, 2019

MAPS Testing Information

NWEA MAP testing windows are set by the individual school site. Other resources, such as parent letters and test reporting/interpretation information, is provided to the user directly by NWEA.

For more information about NWEA MAP Growth Assessments, contact Debbie Gold at 971-200-7390 or

For information on upcoming webinars to learn more please be in touch with the School Ministries office. 

ITBS Testing Information

Orders for Fall 2019-20 testing are due to Barbara Mills at Riverside Insights by September 20, 2019.
[Forms and letters will be uploaded May 1st.] 

Testing Letter from Rachel Klitzing

Material Ordering Letter

Material Order Form

Account Holder Change Form

In order to assist you to utilize Data Manager to its fullest capacity, we have provided you with these guides from Riverside Publishing. You will also find below a Compilation Guide for the tests and norms as well as a 5-page report from the University of Iowa that speaks to why your school may have seen a drop in test scores when we switched to the 2011 norms. You may find this information helpful in discussing test scores with your staff and parents. Thank you to Garry Unger for compiling all of this information!

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